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This is a prophetic and brilliantly written book. Nidhal Guessoum writes as a devout Muslim. But the Islam that can reconcile religious tradition with science cannot be anti-modern and fundamentalist. Drawing from the tradition of Averroes, who combined revelation with reason, the author brilliantly sketches the vision of an integrative Muslim philosophy and theology for our time. Islam’s Quantum Question is not merely one of the best books on Islam and science yet to appear. It is also a compelling description of the most urgent decision that Muslim intellectuals face today: Will Islam in the 21st century define itself in opposition to modernity? Or will it again become a leading voice around the world for integrating faith and reason, science and values?
Philip Clayton, Professor of Religion and Philosophy, Claremont Graduate University, Ingraham Professor, Claremont School of Theology, and author of God and Contemporary Science and The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Science


This book is essential reading for all those who wish to understand the relationship between Islam and science from both historical and contemporary perspectives. From Averroes to al-Ghazzali, and from Iqbal to Nasr, the author provides a well-informed survey and critique of the very different ways in which Islamic philosophers and scientists have contributed to the scientific enterprise. Muslims and non-Muslims alike will find that this fascinating overview fills a gap in the current literature on science and religion. Firmly committed to mainstream science, the author gives short shrift to those who attempt to find scientific truths hidden in different verses of the Qu’ran. Instead Professor Guessoum sees the theistic framework as providing the basis for the intrinsic rationality and coherence of the universe, a framework within which the scientific enterprise can continue to flourish in a way that is consonant with religious belief.“ 
Denis Alexander, Director, The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, St. Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge


Islam’s Quantum Question is a sensitive and nuanced account of Islam and science by an author who is intimately acquainted with both. Well written and thoroughly researched, it offers a lively and comprehensive introduction to both historical and contemporary issues. For those seeking guidance in a difficult and sometimes contentious field, Guessoum’s stimulating book is to be highly recommended.
Peter Harrison, Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion, University of Oxford